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Femdom Galleries posted from 12 August 2009 - 15 August 2009

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Update August 15 2009 5.50 pm - Selected galleries!!!
POV view for a slave under Princess Kali pics by Princess Kali
Kimberly buries her sweaty toes on her foot slave's toes pics by Feet Slave
2 Executive Ladies humiliating their loser slave pics by English Mansion

Update August 15 2009 3.10 pm
Trapped by Claire and humiliated pics by Claire's slaves
Mistress Jean orders her slut whore to suck off a customer videos by Club Dom
Harmony's cock torture on her bitch boy pics by Captive Male
3 Girls embarrassing their uncle pics by Pure Cfnm

Update August 15 2009 3.50 am
Drinking wine while having her stockings feet worshipped pics by Royal Mistress
Tiffany and friends humiliating their uncle videos by Pure Cfnm
Mistress Kiss toys with two male slaves pics by Pantyhose Supremacy

Update August 14 2009 6.10 pm - Selected galleries!!!
Sara's boot cleaner and face sitting stool pics by Club Stiletto Network
Aroma of Kennedy's stockings appreciated by her slave pics by Stocking Slaves

Update August 14 2009 2.50 pm
Brutal outdoor whipping and dirty foot domination pics by Club Dom
Claire just regards her slave girl as her animal pics by Claire's slaves
Hollie Stevens dungeon strapon torture videos by Mistress-Jennifer

Update August 14 2009 8.20 am
Mistress Mia dominates slave outdoors videos by European Femdom
Melissa punishes her unworthy slave videos by European Femdom
Sexy Nichol's foot play and worship domination videos by European Femdom

Update August 14 2009 3.55 am
Get down to the pool for Mistress Eve's feet pics by Royal Mistress
Rich girls uses their strapon on the poor cook pics and videos by Girls Abuse Guys
Miss Hybrid smothers her driver with her pantyhose feet pics Miss Hybrid

Update August 13 2009 5.20 pm - Selected galleries!!!
Reward by for her slave as he gets to be face sat pics by Princess Kali
Brandie served by foot slave while lazing under the sun pics by Stocking slaves
Veronia tortures her caged up slave pics by English Mansion

Update August 13 2009 2.55 pm
Ashtray and stockings slavery and milking in the hotel pics by Young Goddess
Punished by 2 officers in the prison cell pics by Young Goddess

Update August 13 2009 12.30 pm
Tongue in between the toes for Eve pics by Mistress Eve
2 slaves try to please their Mistress's stockings feet pics by Russian Mistress
Humiliated by 3 Ladies in front of an interview pics by Pure Cfnm

Update August 13 2009 5.40 am
Mistress Jade severe public punishment whipping videos by Club Dom
Heather humiliates her foot slave girl pics by Kiss Her Foot

Update August 13 2009 2.50 am
A slave contest in the dungeon for 2 Mistresses videos by Mistress-Jennifer
Rose and Natalie's double strapon slave pics and videos by Girls Abuse Guys
Claire plays fetch with her slave girl Leila pics by Claire's slaves

Update August 12 2009 5.50 pm - Selected galleries!!!
Mistress Ariel got herself a pony girl pics by Club Stiletto Network
Hard domination and boots licking at the stables pics by

Update August 12 2009 4.35 pm
Total domination on her hooded slave pics by Young Goddess
In heaven serving 2 beautiful Ladies pics by Young Goddess

Update August 12 2009 1.30 pm
Genital punishment by 2 Ladies on a hung up slave videos by Femdom Time
Mistress Sidonia tortures her rope toy pics and videos by English Mansion
Outdoor humiliation on her slave girl pics by Claire's slaves

Update August 12 2009 6.55 am
Making slave girl gag on her feet is Jade Indica's hobby pics by Extreme Foot Dom
Mistress Jean beats out the pride of her sissified husband videos by Club Dom
Mistress tests her new strapon on slave pics by Russian Mistress

Update August 12 2009 3.55 am
Mistress Eve and her foot slave girl at her bed pics by Mistress Eve
Made to cum in front of 2 Ladies videos by Pure Cfnm

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